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OCMS digital menu card for restaurants is easy to create and may be customized, so gives a better experience to the clients. Many restaurants have started using QR code based digital menu card in their restaurant.

This can help restaurants in many ways, here are few of them.

Stay Safe

These days contactless digital eMenu cards are in high demand because of Covid-19. Restaurants have started business after lockdown but customers and staffs are worried about virus transmission.

This is primarily reason why everyone talking about it these day as these systems are based on a QR code which guests can simply scan on their smartphone and view menu items along with image and pricing.

They can order items from their phone. This process takes a short time of just a few seconds.

Easy to use for customers

These days everyone has smartphone with internet data. They can simply scan QR code and view items , order from their phone.

Zero touch eMenu card. They will feels safe and happy to know that you care for their safety.

Easy to use for restaurants

These contactless menu is cloud based service and we can guarantee 99.99% uptime, Our application is hosted on Google Cloud.

You can add, edit or delete items anytime.

Lowest possible annual cost, no need to buy license per table. You can use it for multiple tables in a single restaurant.

View and accept order on your computer.

Generate store report and know which items is more profitable.

No Profit sharing

There are many digital menu providers in the market who provides eMenu card for FREE. But in return they took profit sharing per order. Initially it looks good but your loyal customers are paying more due to menu providers share.

Should I get eMenu card

do you sell multiple items at your restaurants?

do you add new menu items often or change items every season?

do you change item’s price time to time?

do you want to keep your customers and staffs safe.

If answer to any of the above question is Yes, then you must go with digital menu card.